Employers underestimate the value of benefits, study shows

Most employers understand that benefits such as health insurance and dental care have value when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees.

But they probably don’t understand just how valuable those tools are from an employee’s perspective. A recent study found that employers consistently underestimate how important health, dental and retirement perks are for their workers.

Here’s an example: About a third of employers say non-medical benefits such as dental and vision insurance are very important for building employee loyalty. That compares with 51 percent of employees.

The perception gap narrows for health and retirement plans. Employees consider those benefits more important than their employers by 9 percent and 17 percent margins, respectively.

The bottom line is this: Benefits matter. And they matter more than most employers think. So here’s a look at the numbers, courtesy of MetLife’s 10th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends.

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