A funny name, but serious protection for your business

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17692451_SIt’s a funny word, but it’s serious protection for your business. A BOP, short for Business Owners Policy, combines property and liability coverages in one insurance package for small- and medium-size businesses.

BOPs aren’t for every business. But for many small businesses, they offer a cost-effective way to purchase two types of insurance coverages that offer important protection to most types of businesses.

Generally, BOPs include property insurance, which covers buildings, as well as the business equipment and property inside. They also include a broad range of liability insurance, which covers a company’s legal responsibility in many instances, such as when a customer injures themselves in a slip and fall accident. Some BOPs also include business interruption insurance, an important coverage designed to help a small business survive in the event of a fire, flood or other disaster that makes it temporarily impossible to operate.

A Business Owners Policy doesn’t provide all of the coverage a business may need. Your business may still need commercial auto, errors and omissions, professional liability, workers compensation insurance or other types of coverages. But the BOP is a great place to start. Questions? We are happy to review your company’s risks and recommend the right coverages to protect you and your employees.

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