Do I need health insurance if I’m young and healthy?

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Young adults generally can remain covered by a parent’s health insurance policy until they turn 26. Each year, though, many young adults find themselves in the situation of reaching that age but not having access to employer-sponsored health coverage. Getting a health insurance plan on your own can seem overwhelming and costly. Plus, you’re young, healthy and don’t go to the doctor all that often. Do you really need health insurance? The answer is a resounding YES. Here’s why:

Illness or injury can happen anytime. Young people aren’t exempt from accidents and diseases. And the cost of health care continues to increase. Bankruptcies resulting from unpaid medical bills affect millions of people each year. Among those seeking credit counseling nationwide, a large majority are uninsured and have some type of unpaid medical debt. Health insurance can help you prepare for the unexpected.

One major illness or injury can be financially devastating. It can take only one injury or illness during a period you’re without health coverage to devastate your finances. Did you know that the average cost for an emergency room visit for an adult is $1,000? That doesn’t include the costs of tests, additional medical procedures or being admitted to the hospital. Medical procedures that require hospitalization can easily run into the range of tens of thousands of dollars.

You’re less likely to put off preventive care. Studies show that people who do not have insurance are more likely than those with insurance to put off preventive care and effectively manage chronic health conditions. Research also shows that those without insurance coverage are much more likely to put off going to the doctor for a health concern. This puts them at greater risk for missing early signs of major health problems when they are most treatable.

You’ll have peace of mind. You don’t need one more thing to keep you up at night! No one wants to worry about being at high risk for a financially devastating medical bill. Being insured provides you with the comfort of knowing that you have financial assistance when it comes to paying your medical bills in the event of illness or injury.

When it comes to health insurance, you have a lot of options in terms of coverage and cost. Which type of health insurance coverage is right for you — and your budget? Give us a call at {{account:phone}}to learn about all of your coverage options.

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