How To Get A Better Business Insurance Renewal

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You deserve more from your relationship with your insurance agent.

You deserve open, honest, and timely communication about your business insurance renewal.

Here’s what happens, what you should expect and how to get more value from your 


The Trick Insurance Agents Use To Guarantee You Renew Your Business Insurance

Here’s how this goes, the insurance agent does not want to have tough conversations, does not want to ask the tough questions, does not want to have to deliver tough news about changes in policies or changes in premium, and therefore they don’t contact the insured.

They wait until the last minute. Then they schedule your meeting a week out from renewal, so at that point, the business owner is essentially locked into that renewal.

Because what are you going to do with a week before renewal?

There’s no way for another agent to get a quote together. And in the same time, the incumbent insurance agent is blocking all the other markets and making it so that really, they’ve locked that insured into one option.

It’s a surprise and it’s really just a pretty crappy way to do business, and it aggravates me that our industry still does this.

How Your Business Insurance Renewal Should Happen

If you’re a business owner and you’ve experienced this type of behavior out of your insurance agent, even if you trust that they’re probably giving you an okay deal, this is not the way business should be done.

It’s not the way business should be done.


You should be having a marketing strategy meeting with your insurance professional three to four months before your renewal.

You should certainly have a meeting scheduled three to four weeks before your renewal to talk about what actually came in, to make sure that if there are any adjustments or changes that need to be made, you can get them done.

This is a way insurance business should be done. Don’t accept anything less. Waiting until the last minute is an unacceptable way to do business, and it is an unfortunate habit that many insurance professionals in our industry have.

It’s not the way we do business at Western States.


If we aren’t your insurance professional, we should be! 


I look forward to introducing you to a new way of viewing your insurance program.

Thank you,   Matt Barber

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